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What makes your shirts better than the shirts I own now?

We have always believed in high end craftsmanship. We wanted to make shirts that focuses on quality, classic design, and perfect fit. It is important to us that your shirts stand the test of time wear after wear and never follow trends.

We only work with fabrics that are luxurious in feel, have a long span for durability and wear well throughout the day. Many of our shirts use a 2 ply 100’s Egyptian extra long staple (ELS) length fabric, which has great in hand feel, and strong durability. We focus primarily on Egyptian cotton, spun into the highest quality yarn, and then woven into the luxurious high end fabrics by some of the most well known fabric mills in Italy, Asia and Europe.

Attention to detail is what puts our shirts at the top. We wanted to make each shirt to the highest standard of construction, focusing on details which make the shirts wear consistently over time, and offer you a sense of luxury whether you are in the office or out with friends.

Each and every shirt comes standard with:

  • 18-21 stitch per inch (SPI) throughout the shirt for clean lines and a sturdy hold.
  • Reinforced gussets for added strength
  • Split yoke for comfort and movement across the shoulders
  • Crisp structured collars in classic designs
  • Thick mother of pearl buttons for a clean luxurious look
  • Hand shanked crowsfoot stitching on each button for a unique finish on the buttons.

The smallest details are the most important to us and nothing goes unnoticed on our shirts.

We are always travelling the world to discover the best fabrics available to offer our customers. Additionally, we are always looking for new ways to improve the construction, and fit of our shirts to offer something no one else can.

Why is your collection smaller than other shirting companies?

Unlike other shirting companies, we are focused on presenting a lifestyle and aesthetic. We strive to make our shirts classic, minimalist, and emphasis on fit.

Deciding what shirts to wear should not be difficult, so we have curated a collection that we would personally wear. Designing shirts that go with every product we offer is our main objective. Tailored clothing should be simple, elegant, and timeless at its core.

With that said, we only sell clothing that represent the BLACK CANVAS aesthetic and uphold the highest standard of craftsmanship and design.

Do you only sell ready to wear shirts? Currently, we only sell ready to wear shirts on our website. We will be opening up our Made to Measure shirting program shortly, allowing customers to choose your own fabrics, pick your desired styling, and dial in your exact fit.  Please contact us if you would like a custom shirt made to your measurements.

Why do your suits cost so much?

Black Canvas prioritizes craftsmanship over any other aspect.

We wanted to produce the highest quality product for our customers, it starts by choosing the most exquisite fabrics available.  We work only with top tier Italian and English mills and have carefully selected each fabric in our collection that remains classic and timeless. The companies we work with all uphold a standard of quality and integrity which coincide with Black Canvas’ philosophy.

We then focus on the construction of our suit, we use only Full Canvas construction on our suits, meaning there is a floating canvas piece, which falls from the top of the shoulder down to the front hem of the jacket as well as into the lapel. This traditional craftsmanship allows the canvas to mold to your body the more you wear it, and allows the lapel to roll more naturally. All of these aspects are purposefully done to accentuate and emphasize your physique. This typically cannot be achieved in fused suits (which do not have any canvassing or have canvassing glued together), and half canvas suits (which only reaches half way down the torso, and is typically fused through the bottom half).

Our focus on quality and detail allow us to surpass the monotonous every day suits that are sold with their unnecessary markups.

Tailored clothing has become popular in recent years and in an attempt to hold onto the market space, many companies have sacrificed the quality of their suits to bring the prices down.  

Black Canvas hopes to revive the core essence of classic menswear.  What sets us part from many other companies is our emphasis on quality.  Not all suits are created equal, although many companies may claim they have a well constructed garment in reality many of them fall short to our standards.  Our company is about building trust, we will not sell an item that we do not believe in.

What makes your suit different than the other suiting companies out there?

Black Canvas in its purest form, is a masculine aesthetic driven company. Our goal is to revive an aesthetic that has been lost in the shuffle of recent day menswear. We focus on a strong structured shoulder reminiscent of classic British tailoring, and add clean traditional Italian flair such as a clean chest and barchetta chest pocket. Together we have created a powerful aesthetic with a heavy influence on shape, and clean lines.

Current day menswear focuses on a more relaxed, more rounded aesthetic that originates from an Italian influence. We are here to show everyone the level confidence that comes with each Black Canvas suit, and reinvigorate the menswear scene.

Our ultimately goal is to give everyone a feeling of true luxury through the Black Canvas label.

If that is the case shouldn’t your prices be more expensive?

Typically you would find the same traditional workmanship and fabric we use on our suits from other manufacturers to be much more costly. We are fortunate enough to work directly with the leading factory in the world and cut out the middlemen who usually inflate prices.

Now, because we are working directly with these factories, our experienced tailors can control quality, instill our values into the product, and allow us to offer a luxury product for honest prices.

What do I do if my size is no longer in stock?

Please let us know if your size is no longer available by emailing us at info@theblackcanvas.com. Alternatively, please check out this section here[link here] to have a custom shirt made for you.

Do you offer discounts?

Please stay subscribed to our email newsletter for our private promos and sample sales.

Do I need to enable my cookies?

You do not need to enable your cookies for our website, but we do suggest you do enable it to improve your overall experience as you shop with us.

Do I need to register an account to shop with BLACK CANVAS?

Yes, shopping at Black Canvas requires you to register with us. You will receive benefits such as:

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Staying updated to new arrivals, and previews for upcoming lookbooks

If you have any questions you don’t see in the FAQ, feel free to contact us here: http://theblackcanvas.com/pages/contact-us