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Black Canvas is a luxury menswear brand established in 2015.  We hope to revive classic menswear with modern styling. What sets us part from many other companies is our emphasis on quality.  Not all suits are created equal, although many companies may claim they have a well constructed garment in reality many of them fall short to our standards.  Our company is about building trust, we will not sell an item that we do not believe in. Our approach is simple, provide the highest quality craftsmanship through construction, material, and finish with minimalist design.  By staying true to these qualities, we have created a product that remains timeless.

Black Canvas aims to bridge the gap between English craftsmanship alongside the casual elegance of Italian tailoring.  Combining the best of both worlds and making it truly our own.

You will not find any over the top designs, flashy patterns, or bright colors.  You will find classic menswear with modern fit, design, and clean lines.

Black Canvas is a celebration of Menswear. It was created for the upscale and sophisticated individual. For the man that is confident in himself with his character, personality and abilities. For the man that wants to wear a Suit, not because of dress code but because he truly appreciates style.